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January 18, 2007

The time machine listbox.

More listbox laughs. I've talked about interesting listboxes before, but this latest one combines really poor geography and history in a single list. In fact, some of the listings here pre-date DOS, the Internet, and probably DARPA itself. Definitely Fedex. Hell, maybe even the postal service for some of them. See what I mean:

My mate is trying to fill in a web form. Wait, where's South Africa in the country list? Huh? This is what's listed instead: wheres_sa.jpg
(To some our geographically-challenged North American friends, South Africa is south of France :)

Here's more information on 'where' Transkei is, and what happened to SWA.

But it gets better. Where's Zimbabwe?

Digging around the list comes up with these hints:
And ladies and gentlemen, step into my time machine: nyas.jpg.

Wtf is Nyasaland you ask. Good question.

Oh, by the way, the site sells iPod covers, great product. But really odd reg. forms.

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